Animal Control

ACO 2018 sized
Animal Control Unit The Prescott Valley Police Department Animal Control Unit is comprised of:


Animal Control Supervisor James Risinger


Animal Control Officer & Animal Cruelty Investigator
Evelyn Whittaker

ACO YOGURST sized    Animal Control Officer Tim Yogerst

They can all be reached at 928-772-5190.

Nuisance Animal Hotline

In an effort to better serve the Prescott Valley community with Animal Control issues, the Animal Control Unit set up the Nuisance Animal Hotline. The hotline provides citizens with a 24/7 messaging system to report nuisance animal problems or concerns during ACO off duty hours. Our ACOs regularly check the hotline when they return to work and respond to any messages left during their off hours.

The hotline number is 928-772-5154 and can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to report non-emergency animal control issues.
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