Special Event & Special Event Liquor Licenses

Sponsored Events
Everyone who participates in a sponsored event (including the sponsor, the vendor and/or exhibitor) must have a Special Event License from the Town of Prescott Valley. The fee for this license is $15 for the duration of that specific event only up to 30 consecutive days. Any non-profit entity with proof of IRS 501(c)3 Letter of Determination will not be charged a fee but must complete the Special Event Application Form. Vendors and/or exhibitors who already have an annual Business License with the Town are not charged the $15 fee but must complete the Special Event License Application Form.

Please note: Special Event licenses are issued for each specific event and each specific location. A license issued for one event may not be used for another event in Prescott Valley. Special event licenses expire when the special event ends.
Sponsor Responsibility
The sponsor or the sponsoring organization is responsible for providing vendors and/or exhibitors with the necessary forms and collecting the proper fees. The sponsor is also responsible for returning the completed forms to the Town Clerk Department along with the proper fees collected, at least 5 days prior to the special event. The Town Clerk's office will then prepare Special Event licenses for participating vendors and/or exhibitors and will return them to the sponsoring organization for distribution. Each vendor and/or exhibitor must display the Special Event License during the event.

Per Town Code 8-02-070 the following events will need to pay a fee per day.
  • Carnivals/Circuses - $120
  • Fortune Tellers/Palmists - $15
  • Transient Photographers and Sellers - $10
  • Rodeos - $30
Please note: Use of all Prescott Valley Park facilities, Community Center, all conference rooms and community room at 7501 Civic Circle can be arranged with the Parks and Recreation Department at 928-759-3090.

Special Event Liquor Licenses
Use of liquor on any Town of Prescott Valley property requires:
  1. A letter to Council asking for approval and indicating:
    1. Where the event is taking place
    2. Who is sponsoring the event
    3. When the event is taking place
    4. What kind event is taking place
  2. Evidence of liability insurance - coverage naming the Town of Prescott Valley as an additional insured for the event in an amount of no less than $1 million with endorsement.
  3. All events must have off-duty security personnel hired for the duration of the event.
  4. Special Event Liquor License Fee is $75, including premises/patio extensions. Limited to 1 extension per year.
  5. The special event application material must be received 30 days before the scheduled event.
  6. All required rental/deposit fees must be paid at the time of the reservation.
Taxes: New TAX RATE effective January 1, 2016-Total Rate 9.18%, Town Rate 2.83%

Retail Sales
The sale of tangible personal property, including crafts (even if you consider it to be a hobby), must be licensed and vendors are responsible for payment of transaction privilege taxes under the retail classification.

Restaurant (Food & Beverage)
Sales of food or beverages are taxable under the Restaurants and Bars classification.

The Transaction Privilege Tax on amusements applies whenever an admission is charged for events or entertainment. Any fees charged for activities such as games, rides, horse rides, balloon rides, sporting events, concerts, tours, races (including admission fees) are subject to tax under the amusements classification.

Other Sales
Sales from programs, souvenirs and other related items are taxable under the retail classification. Admission to events and lectures are also taxable.